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Kurobuta Berkshire LLC
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Dear Valued Customer,

Please accept this letter as confirmation that Kurobuta Berkshire LLC supplies food products that are deemed “Wholesome and Safe”. The following programs are in place to ensure the integrity of our products.

All source farms participate in the National Pork Board Pork Quality Assurance Plus program and abide by the Ethical Principles Statement,

All pigs are certified by the American Berkshire Association as 100% Pure Berkshire. This is a comprehensive third party audit of farms, pigs and pedigrees. Certification monitors genetic purity and traceability to source farms. The American Berkshire Association has maintained pedigree integrity of purebred Berkshire pigs since 1875,

Pork processing facility is USDA inspected establishment #20748. This establishment is in compliance with a written FSIS approved HACCP plan. Fresh pork products processed in this establishment are regularly exported to Asian countries.

Pork products are transported in refrigerated trucks from the processing facility to a USDA inspected warehouse for order fulfillment. Pork products that are not shipped fresh within three days of processing are frozen and stored in a USDA inspected freezer.
51600 295th Street, Austin, MN 55912
Phone 507-440-6685, Fax 800-507-0757

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